Talent Quarterly Webinar - The Change Issue | Achieve Performance

November 2017 – Talent Quarterly Webinar – The Change Issue

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How To Effectively Grow Your Confidence At Work? | Achieve Performance
How To Effectively Grow Your Confidence At Work

Talent Quarterly Webinar -
The Change Issue

Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman and Ashley Harshak

The change management industry wasn’t created to help you smoothly navigate the journey. It exists because we’re being asked to work smarter, harder, and nicer in a more matrixed, more global, and more performance-obsessed world.

Many folks make that journey kicking and screaming - our TQ Change Issue authors give you practical advice for guiding your company into the valley of change and emerging alive on the other side. Three of these authors are with us today, Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman, the authors of "Great Change Leaders Have Two Faces", and Ashley Harshak, author of "Change Today, Thrive Tomorrow".

Jack Zenger is the co-founder and CEO of Zenger Folkman, a professional services firm providing consulting and leadership development programs for organizational effectiveness initiatives. He is the co-author of seven books on leadership, including Speed—How Leaders Accelerate Successful Execution.

Joe Folkman is the co-founder and president of Zenger Folkman. He is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker at conferences and seminars the world over. His expertise focuses on a variety of subjects related to leadership, feedback, and individual and organizational change.

Ashley Harshak is a partner at Telos Partners. An economist, management consultant, and qualified executive coach, he helps leaders in global organizations navigate their way through complex transformations.

Presented by: Dr. Jack Zenger, Dr. Joe Folkman and Ashley Harshak
Date: Tuesday, November 14th, 2017
Time: 19:00
Length: 60 min. (approx.)


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