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Why Zenger Folkman is Unique
Why Zenger Folkman is Unique

Why Zenger Folkman is Unique

Zenger Folkman’s Unique Approach

Turning Good Managers into Extraordinary Leaders

The products and services we provide have emerged from solid research and data, not merely our experiences and beliefs. Our leadership research is evidence-based and supported by a growing data set of more than one million assessments evaluating the effectiveness of over 120.000 leaders from around the world.

From that data has emerged compelling and unique findings that form the foundation of our work to develop extraordinary, high-performing leaders.
Some of the unique research insights that support all of our products and services include:
• The most sought-after organizational outcomes, like employee engagement and commitment, are statistically correlated with leader effectiveness
• Just 16 Differentiating Competencies separate the highest-performing leaders from all other leaders
• Exceptional leaders possess profound strengths in just a few of the 16 competencies
• Focusing leadership development on building strengths — rather than fixing weaknesses — is the most effective way to develop extraordinary leaders

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