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22 September 2020
work from home

Survey shows how employees really feel about working from home

I have been gathering data about the level of satisfaction people have while working at home. So far I have gathered reactions from a diverse sample […]
22 September 2020
leader ppe office

Discovering the Leader’s PPE

Having the right equipment is key to success in virtually every occupation or endeavor. Whether it is the right tool to repair something in your home […]
14 September 2020

Taking it like a Greek: How national culture informs your organisation’s response to crisis

  The Babushka of Culture Culture shapes our frame of mind, guides our behavior, defines our expectations, and (ultimately) forges our capabilities. It is also much […]
9 September 2020

Learning from disaster: How good job placement can keep us all safer

  Located on the convergence of tectonic plates and particularly vulnerable to forest fires due to its climate, our country is no stranger to disasters. The […]
7 August 2020

How to create a leadership culture that really achieves company vision

Leading is not dependent on title or placement on an organizational chart. Nor is it confined to office walls. ERDMAN’s Integrative Thinking. Healthier Communities.™ occurs when our technical […]