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12 January 2021

The science behind what inspiring Leaders do

What do top executives want from their leaders? IBM recently asked this question of 1,700 CEOs in 64 countries. The three leadership traits that most mattered […]
5 January 2021

Research: Women Are Better Leaders During a Crisis

Summary.  There has been a lot said about how women have done a better job leading during the Covid-19 crisis than men. According to an analysis […]
17 December 2020

Leaders Under Pressure: Finding The Essential Skills For The New Era

The Hertz Corporation, Neiman Marcus, Frontier Communications, McDermott International, and JC Penney are just a few large corporations that have filed for Bankruptcy in 2020. According to recent […]
11 December 2020

If your boss thinks you’re awesome, you will become more awesome

If your boss thinks you’re awesome, will that make you more awesome?  This question came to us recently, when we were working with the top three […]
1 December 2020

Ερευνα για την ευημερία των εργαζομένων

Όπως το νερό Δύο νεαρά ψάρια κολυμπάνε στον ωκεανό, όταν ένα λίγο μεγαλύτερο ψάρι τα συναντά και τα χαιρετάει από μακριά, λέγοντας ευγενικά: «καλημέρα παιδιά, πώς […]