Redefining Performance Management PART 1 - 3 - Achieve Performance

Redefining Performance Management PART 1 – 3

The Tango of Speed and Quality – The Key to Achieving Both!
The Absolutely Vital Practice of Managers Giving Positive Feedback

Redefining Performance Management

In the last year many clients have taken a serious look at their performance management systems. Ask any manager or employee about their opinion of the performance review process and you will rarely hear any positive comments.

In this podcast, we share the results of our own research and analysis about revamping performance management.

While each organization will come to differing processes and systems, we will answer the question: “What are the few fundamental elements that are critical to make any performance management process successful?”

Listen the Part 1: 10 Recommendations here.

Listen the Part 2: Insights from Celgene (feat. Maria Brennan and Crystal Zuckerman) here.

Listen the Part 3: Insights from General Motors (feat. Kelly Kuras) here.