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6 Leadership Levers
Bold Leaders: Reviewing The Gender Gap In Employee Engagement
Bold Leaders: Reviewing The Gender Gap In Employee Engagement
6 Leadership Levers - Infographic

The 6 Leadership Levers

THE SIX LEADERSHIP LEVERS: ANSWERING THE QUESTION “WHAT SHOULD I WORK ON?” To begin, we asked the question, “What are the critical few capabilities that have the greatest influence on developing extraordinary leaders?” We performed a comprehensive analysis of our data, forcing the data to give us fewer, broader factors. Six key capabilities emerged that had immense power. We found that if leaders were highly skilled at just three of them, their overall leadership effectiveness would be in the 90th percentile. We called these the six “Leadership Levers,” because having strength in them magnified and leveraged a person’s effectiveness. The six levers cover fundamental capabilities that both formal and informal leaders use at all levels in an organization to be successful.

The six Leadership Levers are:

• Innovation:

encouraging new ideas and solutions through creative approaches

• Relationships:

developing strong relationships built on trust, respect, and consideration

• Acumen:

acquiring knowledge and skills to be at the cutting edge of business practices

• Inspiration:

motivating others to perform at their highest potential

• Strategic Vision:

communicating a clear vision to accomplish key objectives

• Execution:

consistently delivering extraordinary results

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