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The Future of Extraordinary Leadership

In this episode, we present Joe Folkman’s address “The Future of Extraordinary Leadership.” This is a live recording from our 2017 Leadership Summit recently held at Sundance Resort in Utah.

As the business climate continues to evolve, what does Extraordinary Leadership look like? What does research tell us will be the important competencies of the future? What are the most accurate tools for predicting the success of leaders within organizations? How do we create an irresistible culture where those identified as having incredible potential can grow and thrive? How do we address the emerging need for new skills? What is the best way to provide the feedback that others need to grow and develop?

Joe will take us on a journey as he shares:

    Exciting research identifying important new competencies. You’ll learn what they are and why they matter

    The best ways to measure and predict who will be the most valuable leaders

    Emerging needs and groundbreaking research that offers a fresh focus for leadership development strategies

    Gain personal insights on your preferred approach to giving and receiving feedback

After listening to this presentation, you'll leave with:

    An understanding of the competencies their individual organizations’ leaders need to excel and reach goals and objectives

    Insights into developing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges

    Actions to take to create a feedback driven culture

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